Bull Running Misconception 2: The Outrun

It is an oft repeated joke by first time runners: "All I have to do is outrun the guy next to me." Stated with a "aren't I so witty" smirk usually, first time runners usually believe this to be true, and usually believe they came up with this smart rejoinder. However, you cannot outrun a bull that has decided to chase you down. There can literally be 1,000 other runners between you and the bull (which is true every morning in the streets), and if the bulls wants you, the bull will have you bloodied and dead if it truly wants to.

You don't have to outrun the guy next to you; you have to outrun the bull's interest in you. And, you can't.

A Spanish fighting bull prerogative is to change its mind. They have the attention span of a child with ADHD drinking Mountain Dew and Pop Rocks--looking to runner after runner for micro seconds at a time; and then suddenly without warning they are Einstein laser focused on a single equation for a weekend without showering or eating. Nothing will get in their way. They will not leave that runner until the job is done.

Look at this bull: do you really think you can outrun it?