We have passed the 5th Step of Seven Steps to Pamplona

It started on 1/1 and moved to 2/2 and 3/3, and so on.

Today is 5/5, but it is not that Cinco de Mayo to me.

Next is 6/6, and then the big one: 7/7 and the bulls.

On 7/6/2016, Ari, Samuel and I will be down in front with Jack and Craig and Devon and Angus and Dennis and Bill Hillman and John Hemingway and his son and Sue and all the members of the Pamplona Posse, and an indescribable sea of humanity. It will be sunny and hot. It will be loud and scary, sometimes.

Happily, Mikael Andersson will be there too, after a scary year. He will receive some pretty brutal kidding--about being a big faker or attention hog. But, secretly we love him and we are all so glad he will be back down in front where he belongs.

There will be rocket at noon, and the Ikurriña (the Basque flag) will likely fly over the city hall again this year. I like the flag, but I know some of our local friends do not. These political issues are beyond us. We are there for fiesta. Better than being 10 years old on Christmas morning.

Enciende la vela!