Travel Candi

This past fiesta Ari and I made a new friend in Pamplona -- Candice. It was her first fiesta, but after only a few moments, we could tell she "got it." We meet hundreds of people every summer, and we can usually guess who will have no choice but to return annually. She'll be back. Guaranteed.

We were immediately struck with the fact that she'd visited more countries than both of us combined, which is very unusual. We played "have you been to...?" for awhile and Ari finally whispered to me that she must be lying. She must be. Seriously. No one (that young!) is that well traveled. Well, she has, she is, and she's got the chops to back it up.

She did make the mistake of making eye contact with me about Bulls Before Breakfast, and she has been able to feign interest very convincingly so far!!!!

She has a cool blog on her adventures, her exuberance is contagious, and her travel advice is gold! Visit her site!