BBB Hits Late October GRANDSLAM!!!!

Tim Pinks in Fiesta Victory

That is a fiesta smile.

Famed fiesta stalwart Tim Pinks wrote a tribute and review of BBB which landed on, which is my favorite website in the universe! Go to their webite and buy their stuff, please. I check it daily for fiesta related news.

Tim is an excellent author and has published very creative works on bulls and fiesta and Pamplona. He commonly appears in Spanish media. He is a great friend, and one of those people I would have never met if Ari and I did not start going to Pamplona every July. He was a huge help in editting BBB and helped with fact checking and sharp edges. Tim "got" what I was trying to accomplish and helped getting me to the finish line. I, and my family, are eternally greatful.

Tim Pinks in Fiesta Setback