New "Blurbs" for Bulls Before Breakfast

From the date of publication in July 2015, my excellent team at St. Martin's Press has run down many excellent media opportunities for me to promote Bulls Before Breakfast in the United States and Europe. These resulted in several marvelous and compimentary blurbs, including:

“Waggishly smart.” - The Telegraph (this is my favorite; had to look up waggish, to be honest)

“A wonderful book that makes you want to go to Pamplona.” - (Arthur Frommer and his daughter also interviewed me on the radio)

“Readers will be inspired.” - NPR

“Milligan is an expert.” - CNN (hah, hardly!)

“Dive into...terrifying true stories about the running of the bulls.” - Travel+Leisure

“Milligan projects a sense of grandeur onto the event. . . . A colorful portrait of Pamplona.” - Chicago Tribune